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Priority Client Memberships

We are opening up our PRIORITY CLIENT membership to people who own a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. We provide full support to our members who have an accident including organise an executive highly experienced tow company to collect your prestige car and bring it safely to our repair centre as part of our priority service. 

Members Benefits
  • Free Service for our loyal customers

  • A call with our team so you are prepared for an accident

  • Select the best option for you and your family (app or kit)

  • 24/7 Accident Support

  • Full Claim Management

  • Prestige Towing Technician specialising in towing Mercedes-Benz and prestige vehicle/s

  • Priority Booking For Your Car*

  • Members Club Monthly Draw - win a $200 car detail**

*should an earlier date to repair your car become available, as a priority client, you are contacted and given the option

** car detail is coming soon in 2021

To join, complete the registration form below...
Registration for Priority Client Membership

Name of Owner *

Make/Model of Car *

Phone No. *

Email *


Your Priority Client membership includes a free session with our trained facilitator who is very experienced in accidents and the process with insurance companies. The feedback from our clients after an accident, is that they wish they knew specific information prior to the accident, which is why we have introduced this service as part of our PRIORITY CLIENT membership.


You will learn:

  • the important steps to take if you or a family member are in a car accident;

  • your rights + responsibilities in an accident;

  • select the option you would like that suits your needs, as part of your accident plan;

  • how to revise your policy to ensure you have the right cover for your needs, so your life is impacted as little as possible + the process can be as stress free as possible;

This normally takes around 10-15 minutes, depending on how many questions you have + the level of support you require AND all our clients are blown away at what they didn't realise is involved if you are in an accident and find this call to be extremely important PRIOR to an accident occurring, particularly understanding the fine print on your insurance.

Please select one of the following that best suits you.

SUCCESS ! ! ! You have sent your registration in and we will be in contact with you shortly!

Once you have registered with our team, we will contact you based on your information and organise your membership! Look out for an email or phone call soon!
The most effective safety plan you can have, is being educated 'prior' an accident... 

Unfortunately, most people don't understand the steps necessary when in a car accident and how to protect yourself in all aspects (particularly at the scene), until AFTER an accident. 

We are changing this and opening up a program to educate our clients, so they have a safety plan prior to an accident, to ensure they are best prepared and protected, as possible.

Being in a car accident is quite stressful and @ Miranda Auto Body, we help you every step of the way! From organising an experienced tow technician, to storing your car in our secure repair centre, to supporting with your claim. We have 5 decades of experience in the industry and pride ourselves on providing 5 star customer service to our customers and community.

Become a PRIORITY MEMBER, will give you the confidence that you will have the right support to help you navigate this process, should you find you or a family member in an accident.

Just Had An Accident...

Call us immediately and we will organise a tow and help you every step of the way!

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