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To our valued customers...

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COVID-19 Operational Changes

To our valued customers and community.

We are living in unprecedented times where COVID-19 outbreak has seen huge alterations and changes in how we operate our business and operate as a community, as instructed by our Federal Government. In alignment with these federal directions (soon to be legislation) we have implemented changes to protect our team @ MAB, our customers and the wider community. We are committed to operating to service our customers for as long as we are able to but we have had to make 2 major changes.

1. Our hours of operation have now returned to our normal hours (scroll down to the bottom)


2. Online Estimation System (see below)


Online Process

PLEASE NOTE, we are only able to provide you with an estimation due to assessments for the damaged vehicle being done via images you upload. ALL ESTIMATIONS are subject to an inspection onsite at our premises where damage can be assessed in person. We also want to inform you that further damage maybe found when the vehicle is dismantled.

PRIOR to lodging your online estimation below, you will need to have done these things:


1. Name of insurance company (or the person at fault's insurance company).

2. Note down your claim number (if you have one).

3. Take four (4) photographs of your car as seen below, ensuring they are clear. 

The photos need to be clear and taken from each of these 4 angles in daylight: 

  • right hand front (a)

  • left hand front (b) 

  • right hand back/rear (c)

  • left hand back/rear (d)


4. Take images of the car's VIN (vehicle identification number) usually found on the inside of the door frame on both passenger and driver's door (refer to images E + F).


5. Take photo of rear number plate (G) + car's mileage (km's from the dashboard - H) + model of car (I) (km's from the dashboard)


6. Take 4 photos of the damage (refer to images J, K, L + M).


It is really important to take images as per the samples you see, to ensure we can create an estimate that is relatively accurate and taking these images as we are showing you, will help us do this. 


Different angles will help us sight damage + in good light so we can do our best to get a complete estimate.

Close up and clear images of the damage in good light.

These sample photos were take using an iPhone and we suggest you check your photos before beginning your online estimate.


7. Complete the online estimation form (see black from below ).

8. We will be in contact with you about your vehicle. If you haven't heard from us, please feel free to email us or call us (02) 9525 8673 as online forms can sometimes have incorrect contact information accidentally entered on them, preventing us from contacting you.

Being a certified authorised repairer and we are driven to deliver high quality repairs, all online estimations are subject to inspection by our qualified quotation team on our premises, so your prestige vehicle is professionally evaluated / assessed and aligned with the manufacturers high calibre specifications.

Lodge Your Online Estimation here:

Should you require support, please click here for some questions + answers + video showing you how to fill in the form.

Online Estimation*

Section 1 - personal details

Section 2 - insurance details

Section 3 - A, B, C, D photos

Upload Photo here
Upload Photo here
Upload Photo here
Upload Photo here

Section 4 - photo of VIN plate black (E) + white (F)

Upload photo
Upload Photo

Section 5 - photo of number plate (G), + Km's (H) + Model of car (I)

Upload Photo
Upload Photo
Upload Photo

Section 6 - damage to car (J, K, L + M)

Upload Photo
Upload Photo
Upload Photo
Upload Photo

Thanks for submitting!

We will be in contact with your shortly!

*DISCLAIMER: Once we receive your online estimation, we will create a client file and the estimation will be from the 4 images you have uploaded to the form. There are a number of factors that will affect the final figure of the quotation including but not limited to, the quality of these images, further damage maybe found once the damaged vehicle has been dismantled and inspecting the damage in person.  

For this reason, please be informed that this is strictly an estimation and not a finalised quotation.


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