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Just Had An Accident. Now What ?

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

What To Do When You Have An Accident in Your Car.
Car Accident Checklist

It is hard to prepare for a car accident and it can be quite a stressful experience. If you or another party are injured, it quickly becomes a serious incident that dramatically impacts you.

Like everything that has potential danger, there are things you can do, to help navigate this event.

To support our MAB community and families, we have put together an ACCIDENT CHECKLIST that you can download free to your phone and store in a folder like 'favourites' or 'emergencies' in your photos app.

This PDF file is designed to help you navigate this fairly stressful event with confidence.

Our top 3 recommendations for all our clients, if they unfortunately find themselves in a car accident, are:

1. Safety & Wellbeing - make sure you and anyone involved in the accident are safe and well. This includes making sure there is no further danger to anyone or traffic. Call 000 if someone is injured, there is danger present, someone involved in the accident has driven away or left the scene,

2. Take Photos - take lots of photos of your car and the cars involved. This includes number plates, street signs, marks on the road etc... this can be important when trying to prove what happened when reporting to your insurance company and authorities.

3. Getting Information - our checklist will help you gather the information you need about other drivers and witnesses. This information is vital and if you are injured, the authorities will gather it for you. Your well-being is first and foremost!

We provide 24/7 accident support to our clients. Become a Member today.
Miranda Auto Body

If your car is not able to be driven or you need a tow truck to collect your vehicle, we work with a prestige towing company who are experienced with transporting damaged vehicles, to ensure no further damage is done. We also store your vehicle safely in our repair centre.

Call Your Insurance Company within 24 hours.

This important to ensure that your claim is processed efficiently and we are able start the repair process as quick as possible.

We do offer claim management to all our clients and support you each step of the way. Please contact us anytime (02) 9525 8673

The process for your insurance can be a tricky process to navigate. Each insurance company has their own policies and procedures but the general process is describe here on Australia's Car Advice website.

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