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NCR: When you first started you were doing general smash repairs for insurers until recently when you decided to get into prestige work.

BM: Yes; the change really came about when my son Paul wanted to take over and move up to the next level. It probably was not the best time to make such a big investment in our facility but after a lot of thought and hard work we decided to make the change to become and be accepted as a Mercedes Benz repair specialist. We also changed the name of the business at that time. Our team really love the change and the training involved and our customers really appreciate what we now have here.

NCR: Before you made the upgrade, your shop and office was always presentable anyway.

BM: My view of how the shop should look really started when I joined you on the trips to the US and NACE many years ago. I remember the first trip opened my eyes to shop presentation – it stood out. Customer service also – capture the customer, get the keys! If you just sit in your own shop and do not look around you will not change. My attitude to the industry has changed over the years and I am pleased with the direction we have now taken. Paul is really passionate about the industry and that is why we made the change.

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