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To our valued customers...

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Further Customer Support

To further support all our customers with online estimation service, we have some videos and trouble shooting information to help you. Please scroll through this page to find where we can help you.


Am I still able to call for a tow or get assistance at an accident?

Yes. Please use our 'accident support' button for assistance with a tow (red)

Do I need to lodge a claim with the insurance company before doing the online estimation?

Yes. You need to lodge a claim with the insurance company and provide us the the claim number.

Can I bring in my car for a quote rather than online?

Yes however we ask that you phone our office prior to coming down. We have set up the online form for our customers due to the COVID-19 virus + align with the Government's restrictions around home isolation. 

Can I take the 4 photos of my car on my phone?

Yes you can. We suggest you take the 4 photos and check the clarity prior to sending to us. If you are struggling to get a clear photo, tap your screen on your phone to prompt it to focus o the car (this makes your phone focus on where you touch). 

Do I have to take 4 photos even though the damage in on one or 2 sides?

Yes you do. People don't often realise that damage to one side can create damage to another part of the car, which our equipment and training help us to locate.

How long does it take to get the estimation cost?

Depending on when you submit the online form + our reduced days of operation, we anticipate a 1-3 day response. You can also contact us during work hours to ensure we have your online form because we often get customers enter one digit wrong in an email or phone number, which can prevent us from contacting you, particularly if you are a new client.

Are you operating and repairing vehicles?

Currently we are open 3 days per week to repair vehicles. This could change at ay given time without notice, based on the Governments instructions or in the best interests and welfare of our team and community.

*DISCLAIMER: Once we receive your online estimation, we will create a client file and the estimation will be from the 4 images you have uploaded to the form. There are a number of factors that will affect the final figure of the quotation including but not limited to, the quality of these images, further damage maybe found once the damaged vehicle has been dismantled and inspecting the damage in person.  

For this reason, please be informed that this is strictly an estimation and not a finalised quotation.


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