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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs
What Can I Do Prior To An Accident ?
  • Download your copy of our Accident Checklist

  • Store our phone number in your contact list (under accident)

  • Contact your insurance company and become familiar with your policy

Can I Get A Quote Over The Phone 

No, we recommend you come in and see us as photos sometimes can not show the extent of the damage on your vehicle. A quote from Miranda Auto Body will only take 10 to 15 minutes, we would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may express

What Insurance Companies Do You Service?

We work with most insurance companies but please call us to confirm or if you are unsure.

Can I Call MAB If I've Just Had An Accident?

This is the best time to call us, so we can have an experienced tow company collect your prestige vehicle and help manage your claim. This will reduce the stress on you and we can get your vehicle processed through the claims process efficiently.

What Is the Process Of Getting My Car Repaired?

Once you have your car towed to our repair centre & lodged your claim with your insurance company, we schedule your car for a quotation & organise for insurance assessor to visit and approve your claim. Your car is then booked in for repairs at a time that suits you & we keep you updated throughout the process.

Do I Need A Claim Number Prior To Getting A Quote ?

No you do not, however contacting your insurer and having a claim number will fasten the process.

What Type Of Car Parts Do You Use ?

We use genuine Mercedes-Benz & Tesla parts. You can contact us directly if you have a different prestige vehicle.

How Do I Know My Car Will Be In Pre-Accident Condition?

Safety & quality are paramount to both Mercedes-Benz & Tesla. Being an Authorised Repair provides you with the assurance that our superior equipment & specialist training ensures damaged vehicles are repair back to factory specifications & dimensions, keep to their extremely high standards.

Do You Only Repair Mercedes-Benz ?

We are a factory approved specialist repairer for Mercedes-Benz & Tesla which means we have a very high calibre of equipment & training to ensure vehicles with superior specifications, can be repaired back to those specifications. We also understand that not everyone has a Mercedes-Benz or Tesla car however our specialist & high tech equipment allows us the privilege to repair a lot of prestige vehicles so please contact us to see if we can repair your car.

Are Your Repairs Guaranteed?

All our work is guaranteed and new parts have a 2 year guarantee. Contact us for more info.

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