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We provide all our clients with 24 hours accident support. From organising a tow to managing your claim...

Accident Support 

You can't predict when you or your loved ones will be in a car accident. What you can do it prepare by making sure you have support or assistance should it happen.


Being in a car accident is quite stressful and @ Miranda Auto Body we help you every step of the way!


From organising an experienced tow technician to collect your car, to supporting with your claim. We have decades of experience in the industry and pride ourselves on providing professional 5 star quality customer service to our community and loyal customers.

We provide 24hr Accident Support to our clients so should you find yourself suddenly in an accident, call us immediately so we can assist you or your loved ones and remove some of the stress where we can.


We also have an accident checklist which you can view or download to assist you during this stressful time and help you gather evidence and support claim should it be your fault or not.


How Can You Prepare For An Accident ?
Become one of our priority guests, before you have an accident so you can feel confident that you will have the right support to help you navigate this process, should you find you or your family in an accident.

Miranda Auto Body 24hr Accident Support

Just Had An Accident...

Call us immediately and we will organise a tow and help you every step of the way!

Young Lawyer

You can select WHO tows your car and WHERE it is taken...

We use an executive towing company who are experienced with prestige vehicles & ensure no further damage occurs & store inside our repair centre.

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