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24 hr Accident Support & Checklist

Important Information You Need Once You've Had An Accident:

  1. SAFETY - this is #1. Call emergency services if necessary and check everyone is ok.

  2. Exchange details with the other driver (take photos of drivers licence, faces, witnesses etc...).

  3. Take LOTS of photos - the damage, the area, the location, ALL cars involved, street signs, weather, people (witnesses), any contributing factors to the accident.

  4. See if there are any independent witnesses & collect their details.

  5. Collect name of police officer and get the report number for reference.

  6. Tell the Towing Company to take your car where you want (we always tell our customers to have their car taken to our secure centre). 

  7. Contact Your Insurance Company that same day and start your claim.

Accident Checklist

1. Safety First

Safely move out of the way of traffic. If your car is immobile, switch on hazard lights to warn other drivers in the area. Ensure your car is in park, hand brake is activated and engine turned off. Take your keys out of the ignition, lock your car and keep on you.

2. Any Injuries or Hazards

Check that everyone involved is ok. Your body can go into 'shock' after an accident and it is vital to be aware of how you are feeling. Call 000 if a person has been injured or there is a fatality, the other party has failed to stop or supply the relevant details, the driver is under the influence or there is a hazard / danger to the public.

3. Take Photos 

Most people forget that their phone can take photos and you may need evidence to prove what happened in the accident. 

We recommend you take 4-6 photos of each car that was in the accident. Take photos of the whole scene, location, signs, intersection, traffic lights and anything you feel relevant to the accident. This has helped hundreds of our customers with insurance & authorities investigations.

4. People You Need To Call

If you car is immobile you will need to organise a tow truck, if one has not already attended the scene. You have the right to select your own tow truck, who tows your car and where they tow it to. Contact Us immediately & we can take care of this.

Call a family member or friend to come and pick you up or if you feel you need assistance and support at this time.

Report to local police that same day if there is a dispute over who is at fault.

Unfortunately Accidents Happen...

fortunately we are here...

It is particularly difficult to prepare for an accident however there are few things you should know, to ensure your prestige Mercedes-Benz vehicle is towed & repaired by experienced professionals with the right equipment. Always choose an authorised Mercedes-Benz Auto Body Repairer.

Most people do not realise that they can select who tows their car 
and where their car gets taken....
Contact Us  we will organise an executive towing company for you!
Call our team for 24/7 Accident Support
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