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Accident Repair Process For

Your Vehicle...

Miranda Auto Body is uniquely qualified & authorised to repair your Mercedes-Benz or Telsa car

Trained Technicians

Specialist Equipment & Technology

Manufacturers Full Authorisation


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Our Repair Process

Being in a car accident is quite stressful and @ Miranda Auto Body we help you every step of the way! From organising an experienced tow technician, to storing your car in our secure repair centre, to supporting with your claim. We have decades of experience in the industry and pride ourselves on providing 5 star customer service to our community.


Become one of our priority guests, before you have an accident so you can feel confident that you will have the right support to help you navigate this process, should you find you or your family in an accident.

MAB Repair Process

1. Lodge A Claim With Insurance

Your car will be either towed to our centre or already be in our centre. Once you have contacted your insurance company & lodged a claim, we take care of the rest.

2. Quotation

Once the repair work is approved, we book your vehicle in & complete the work as per the quotation. We will keep you updated with your vehicle repairs and confirm the collection date.

3. Repaired Works

Using our new sophisticated equipment & our expert craftsmanship, all repair work is done to pre-accident condition, ensuring the original safety & quality of your vehicle is not compromised.

4. Vehicle Detailing Service

As part of our quality service, we provide a full car detail service once the repair work is complete.

5. Collect Your Vehicle

We will schedule a time for you to collect your car & revise the repair work with you.

6. Courtesy Call

We will contact you within 24-48 hours for a courtesy call and see how you are going with your car. We appreciate all feedback and use it in our quarterly internal reviews.

Every person's accident and experience is different and we are here to support you and your family when navigating the process of getting your car repaired, after an accident. The general process is explained above, however it can slightly alter case by case, depending on parts, insurance companies and booking times etc... We treat every customer as an individual providing you with our superior customer service.


Become A Priority Client

Feel confident knowing that you have full support at your finger tips should you or your family be involved in an accident.

Miranda Auto Body Certified Mercedes-Benz & Tesla Car Repairer

"We know the  conscious choice you made when purchasing your car based on the elite safety features and superior performance that Mercedes and Tesla provide across their designs, not to mention the extreme high quality of specifications and immaculate finish. Being an Authorised Specialist Repairer provides you with the confidence that we repair your car to the manufacturers factory specifications, returning your car to pre-accident condition."



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