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Why You Should Use An Authorised Mercedes Repairer for Your Car Repairs...

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Miranda Auto Body is proud to be an authorised and certified Mercedes-Benz repair centre.
Authorised Mercedes Repairers are identified by the name AutoBody

Not everyone knows that there are only 5 Authorised Mercedes-Benz Auto Body Repair Centres in NSW.

Miranda Auto Body is proud to be 1 of these exclusive 5 repair centres.

Prestige vehicle owners should check with their manufacturer's Australian website to confirm which repair centres are officially certified and authorised to repair their car, to ensure genuine parts are used, car warranty is not jeopardised and the right equipment and trained personal repair the car to manufacturers specifications.

Mercedes-Benz has a special certification program that all body shops must go through in order to be Mercedes-Benz approved. This includes training the body shop technicians on repair and servicing procedures specific to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, as well as acquiring the specialised equipment, tooling and technology.

To receive certification, the body shop must consistently satisfy Mercedes-Benz extremely high standards and quality control, year after year, as well as rigorous training for all technicians and ensuring all environmental and regulation certificates are up to date. Each Auto Body Repair Centre must be able to repair any Mercedes vehicle in the range on the spot.

The result: car repairers can return your Mercedes-Benz back to pre-accident condition using the 'right parts, right equipment, right people'.

A  Mercedes-Benz approved & certified body shop repairer like Miranda Auto Body, will do high quality repairs to the manufacturers specifications to ensure safety and quality of the vehicle are upheld.

Check here for a full list of all Australian Certified / Authorised Mercedes-Benz Accident Repair & Collision Centres.

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