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Using Genuine Parts for your Mercedes...

To ensure the safety, performance and quality of your prestigious car, it is vital to use genuine parts from the manufacturer. This video released by Mercedes-Benz demonstrates the impact of using non-genuine parts and it will truly shock you!

How can you know if your car has been repaired with genuine Mercedes-Benz car parts? The answer is simple..... Mercedes-Benz has certified a very limited number of Auto Body Repair Centres around Australia, and the world. By choosing an AUTHORISED MERCEDES REPAIR CENTRE, this is your guarantee that your car will be repaired with genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.

Miranda Auto Body is proud to be 1 of 6 authorised repair centres in NSW. To check the list of Mercedes listed authorised repairs, check here.

Become a Priority Customer with us, so we can support you should you find yourself in an accident! We will organise a specialised tow technician and bring your car to our facility and help get you back on the road as quick as possible!.

Team MAB

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